The Potpourri of Emergency Medicine is an annual education day that started in 2002 by the late Debbie Cotton RN Clinical Educator for the former GASHA district.  The education day continues to bring presentations regarding the latest topics and skills to emergency health care providers including but not limited to local Paramedics, Nurses, RT’s and Physicians.

Potpourri of EM January 28, 2023

TOPIC:                   PRESENTER:

X-Ray’s not to miss       Dr. Jo Yazier

Inspired Program Meagan LaForte RT

Undifferentiated causes of Pediatric Respiratory Distress    Dr. Emma Burns

Future of EHSNS Angela Hickox ACP/Manager

Right Sided Heart Failure Dr. Kathleen MacEachen


Pediatric Procedural Sedation Dr. Emma Burns

Pocus Workshop TBA

Adult Seizures Dr. Tania Sullivan

ECG Interpretation Dr. Milan Jurga